Vision and Mission Statements
Mission Statement:
To faithfully fulfill the commands of Christ in Matthew 28:19 (The Great Commission) “Go ye into the world and make disciples of all nations…” by preaching and teaching the undiluted Word of God to the world to rescue the Souls of men and make them candidates for Heaven.

Vision Statement
1. To contribute favourably to the social system of the society through education, health care service, welfare scheme and other infrastructural developments.

2. To pattern our lives after Christ, through holy living.

3. To make evangelism our supreme task by reaching the unreached areas and encourage the existing Churches to see mission and evangelism as a command.

4. To build a relationship between every organ in the Church, Men, Women, Youths and Children and make them partners in the ministry of God’s Church.

5. To improve on our worship life as a Church by raising worshippers who will always worship God in truth and in Spirit through the laid down pattern of Christian worship enshrined in our common life as Anglicans.

6. To create opportunities for people to improve their skills though programmes and jobs creation/skills acquisition and economic empowerment. Both old and young.

7. To encourage members of the Diocese both home and abroad to build the Diocese to be self-sustaining and self-supporting.

8. To help us gain full knowledge of the Anglican cherished values and heritage.

9. To prepare Armies for Christ with sound learning both the Clergy and Laity. God being our helper.


1. Integrity
2. Humility
3. Amenability
4. Distinctness/Explicitness
5. Dedication
6. Loyalty to constituted authority
7. Faithfulness.

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